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Practice Areas

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Bankruptcy
    Debtors may choose to file for bankruptcy. I handle Chapter 7 bankruptcies under the new bankruptcy act (effective October of 2005).
  • Business Litigation     Business litigation involves the representation of a business in a dispute with another business. Example include the failure to pay for a product or service and the interpretation of a clause in a contract. I have represented clients from many states in lawsuits taking place in California. I enforce out of state or sister-state judgments registered in a California court.
  • Civil Practice   Civil practice involves the representation of a client, usually an individual, in a civil lawsuit. The issues may involve unpaid wages, a lemon car, or a lawsuit by a credit card company.
  • Contract Disputes
  • Creditors Rights
  • Insurance Litigation
    Insurance litigation involves the representation of a party carrying insurance; however, the insurance company disputes that coverage existed under the policy for a particular problem. You, the policyholder, expect coverage from your insurance company. The insurer refuses to cover you, so an issue over first-party coverage exists.

    An insurer has a duty to act in good faith when addressing a policyholder’s claim. An insurer acting unreasonably or in bad faith by denying coverage may be liable to an insured for damages as a result of its actions. The damages to the policyholder may consist of the benefits available under the policy, emotional distress, attorney’s fees and punitive damages.